Hello!Up for sale is a really cool multi-effects unit by Digitech the TSR!Tons of effects available in this box. Delays, reverbs, Find great deals for DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I don’t think I would replace this unit with a another Digitech product. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was.

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You talk about knob tweakin Check the soldering-points in the power-supply area. Nov 29, 1. This tip comes from “van Sinn”: Nov 29, 3.

I don’t remember it being any problem to tst, so the TSR should be even easier. Nov 29, 7. Execute a hard reset Q: If you don’t have one: If you have a problem with the cards – email me! Nov 29, 2. See user-manual for details. Any tricks I should know of? View the Media Kit. The effects are set to different levels of settings.

No, the manual fsr never translated into German. This function allows you to switch seamless from program to program. I’ve owned a few ‘s and ironically, when I used them in the past, playing exclusively metal, I only used 2 sounds The connection is simple: The Zoom had tons of effects but only parameters even for the most complex effects.

Virtually every control you see in the menu can be linked to midi and controlled in real time if you like, giving you unprecedented control over shaping your sound from a midi foot controller like the also discontinued PMC or the like.


The reverbs have alot of depth to them which is in the direction of a 42s type reverb, but definitely not equal to a Lexicon or Eventide – where you actually can perceive the location the sound originated from. We thought the pitch-shifting modules not quite up to the quality offered by the rest of the effects, which is surprising given Digitech’s success with their Vocalist range of harmony processors.

To make the link between Controller and parameter, select a parameter, press the MIDI button, and the link is made. Will I lose my presets after installing the 2. Other times you can turn the knob digitfch the program number and the program name display just flashes. However, while we wouldn’t use the modules as serious harmony or pitch correction tools – the delays involved and metallic quality are far too obvious – they can be used effectively for guitar processing or dititech effects.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

By installing the 2. Nov 30, It details everything in the processor and thus makes editing easy, once one has understood how to do to chain effects together because the order in which the different blocks in place effects is crucial in the final result.

2s4 and Distortion a little louder with some delay for leads.

I’m so used to stomps I’m constantly reminding myself ‘Oh yeah, you can actually do that on this thing’ when I concoct whacky routing schemes or effects combinations. WildwindNov 29, So I purchased all three without trying them out mistake, I know.


DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project | eBay

Thumbs up, if you’re brave! TubeAmpNutNov 30, We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Nov 29, 4.

If they are dark-grey resolder them. tzr

digitech tsr 24 | The Gear Page

Like when your standing in a field and a gunshot goes off a mile away you can determine were it came from and the approximate distance it is from you, but at the same time there is digktech bird chirping feet from you and to the right, you should be able to pick-up on it’s location without it running over or being ran over by the sound of the gunshot I realize this has to do with the amplitude of the gun shot. I have it available!

Sorry, I don’t know! No, create an account now. Before you upgrade to 20MHz you must have the 2.

It compromised this by allowing you to use the 1 modulation effect you wanted before or after the amp loop though. Nov 29, 6. It includes various modulations, delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, pitch shifters, arpegiator, tremolos, sampler, noise reduction digjtech It pushes your imagination. As I recently discovered, there is a significant lag when switching patches which the 2nd processor allegedly fixes.