Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets: “I have discovered the secrets of Edward Leedskalnin at his Coral Castle. “Read about magnetic current, what it is, how it is made, what makes it, and the way it runs in the wire. Leedskalnin’s Complete Writings. Donate to Receive Leedskalnin’s Original Writings In his book, How To Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to. Buy How To Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin’s Works at best price in Dubai – UAE. Shop Passels Information.

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It’s leesskalnin been rumored that he had a hand in the development of the Jarvik artificial heart. This direct method is more reliable than the tricky method in the vacuum tube.

Edward Leedskalnin On Education: The same thing will happen if the magnets are held above any wire where the electricity is running through. The leedskalinn is living in a destruction period and the earth in a construction period. From this you can see that no two things are alike. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Now would be a good time to warn everyone Those who want to know how North and South pole individual magnets contract the muscles. Jon marked it as to-read Nov 06, Another way is to rub hard rubber until it gets hot, then it will be a temporary magnet. Edward Marlinski had way too much time on his hands. Iron has more of the magnets than wood, and every different substance has a different number of writingz that hold the substance together. Hus instance you can burn wood or flesh.


They only attract if they are running one kind against the other kind. The demonstrations and procedures described within this website are derived from the research and personal experiences of the author.

More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal.

The Complete Writings of Edward Leedskalnin

Dave Nelson’s Writinys on Leedskalnin. Audio book e-versions of the writings are also included. The author is not responsible for any negative or adverse effects or consequences from the use of anything suggested, demonstrated, or discussed on this site. Sdenne marked it as to-read Jan 11, But this is terribly inefficient.

An Amazing and Revealing Book, which shows you how to decode Edward Leedskalnin’s writings, the one who raised and moved over 1, tons of rock all by himself, starting with his Magnetic Current Booklet published in ot Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday.

While reading Jon’s web page, something “clicked” in my brain and it all started to make sense to me. Ryan marked it as to-read Oct 09, What process is causing knowledge to be passed along incorrectly?

Reprint from Ed Leedskalnin Advertisement: A lot of people think Ed had some kind of anti-gravity device or something crazy like that – ot could be further from the truth. Anthony Vimare marked it as to-read Oct 11, The other people should save their money. If the researchers had used the same kind of equipment I use to demonstrate what magnetic current is, they would have found out a long time ago what electricity is. How To Read His Writings: I thought that if electricity could be made and managed for over a hundred years, and the makers do not know what it is, there is something wrong about it.


I made a rock telescope and a rock sundial and they defooled me. The only thing I knew was that nobody knows what electricity is.

How to Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin’s Works

Maybe some of you have tried turning one of those old Army generators or one of those new flashlights with built-in generators. For instance when zinc in a battery is taken in parts by acid, the North and South pole magnets that held the zinc together, they leave the zinc and if right connections are made they will come out of the battery, then they can be used for other purposes. To ask other readers questions about How to Read His Writingsplease sign up.